Thursday, March 25, 2010

I have crazy dreams and I think I've figured out what I want to do with my life.

To the right is the coolest cake I've ever seen. If you know, someone made this for me for my birthday or wedding, that would be amazing!

Okay so, this morning, I had a weird dream.
I went with Jolene, Kathryn, and a few other people to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the theater here. But, before the show started, Frankenfurter came on stage and told us we had to get our invitations out of our mail box to be allowed to see the show. Conveniently, our mail boxes were moved to the theater and I went to retrieve my invitation. Along with the invitation, I found a note from some guy telling me he kidnapped my sister and he wanted to meet me somewhere to collect his ransom.

Furious, I walked over to where the guy was and he pretty much was holding Melanie in a head lock. He was about to tell me what he wanted when I thought of the idea of distracting him. So, I took out my camera, blinded him with my flash, and got a picture of him as well. He demanded the camera and forgot about his ransom because he knew a picture was taken of him. I secretly took out the memory card, put it in my pocket, then handed him my camera. He destroyed it on the spot and gave me Melanie.

Once we knew we were safe, we went back to watch the play. I just witnessed something I thought I never would and I was in no mood to do the Time Warp. I was about to leave when I spotted Melanie's kidnapper and remembered I had my memory card in my pocket. I got up to leave with Melanie to report this guy, then I woke up...a few seconds before my alarm went off.

I just thought I should share that, it was somewhat interesting.

Another thought today.
During Photo History, I was contemplating what I really wanted to do with photography as a career.
I have decided a while ago that I love taking portraits and I would love to work in a studio.
Today, I have decided that, despite the fact that I wanted to change my minor about 2303498 times, journalism is a good minor me. This is because lately, I have become interested in documentary photography. Some of the people that influenced me in this area are, Tom Stone, Walker Evans, Dorthea Lange, and Melissa Lyttle. I have decided I really want to get to know my subjects while photographing them (and/or their lives in general) I want my subjects and I to be comfortable around each other and for my subjects to be completely natural in their settings.

Another thing I want to do for a side project, is work with bands. Go figure.
That's another area of photography I can't resist. I love emphasizing on the way fingers move on instruments and how bands and audiences react to each other.
Putting my two favorite things together, music and photography, would make my job more enjoyable than I already intend it to be.

So, yeah, those are three areas of photography I really want to focus on. I can even put two together like music and studio or music and documentary photography. Hopefully, my future turns out to be a good one.
But for now, I may be over thinking it a bit. ^.^

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